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Everyday is World Mental Health Day

Updated: Mar 1

Lets reach out and support others!

Mental Health is a global issue that affects so many people who are often suffering in silence. We may not know how our loved ones are really feeling as many wear a mask to cover the real pain they may feel. Take a moment to ask how they are doing, let them know you are there to listen and take time to do what you both enjoy. Reach out and let them know they are not alone as we all have difficult moments, life experiences and sometimes trauma to deal with in our lives. Sharing moments of positivity, gratitude and appreciation of life helps to remind us all that we have a unique purpose to be fulfilled while we have the breath of life.

Reach out, and at the same time reach in. Tell yourself you are more than enough, you are loved and you are special; because you are. Self care is an important part of good mental health and staying healthy in general. Find something you enjoy doing and plan it into your day. Read a book, go for a walk, journal, enjoy a special meal. There are many things we can do that dont cost a lot of money.

Whatever you choose to do, have a great day.

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