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Mental Health Myths

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

There are many myths that have surrounded mental health for decades, leading to many people becoming more misinformed about what mental health is and the kinds of people that are affected by it. As mental health today is becoming much more advocated and known there are plenty of myths that need to be taken away. Here are some facts about mental health to help break away from the stigma.

One of the most common myths that is spread around today is that those with mental health conditions are unable to maintain a job or be useful to society in some way. Depending on the type of mental health condition this is not the case. As those with less servere mental health conditions can also work. Learning different ways to cope with stress and pressure from school, work, relationships, poor physical health or expectations is something we learn to manage over time and to use helpful coping skills.

Another common myth which is portrayed in the media a lot is that only young girls and women suffer from eating disorders. This is not only a myth but also a very dangerous stereotype to have as it can stop boys and men from getting the help they need. Eating disorders can be very challenging to deal with and there are specialist professionals that can help individuals and families to manage the additional stress this may cause. Eating disorders impact people of all genders, cultures, faiths and ethnicities.

Our last myth is one that shouldn’t come as a shock but not all those with mental health conditions are being treated by a professional. There are some people who can go without seeking professional help and medical treatment. Everyone experiences stress and challenges in their life and not all of them will lead to a medical diagnosis or mental health difficulty. The internet has opened up access to many useful resources to try and manage mental health challenges and cope with stress whether you work with a professional or not.

I hope that these myths will open your minds to what mental health really is about and why these myths need to be debunked.

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