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Updated: Jan 23, 2022

Counselling & Psychotherapy services

Aims & Objectives of Counselling / Psychotherapy

Mustard Seed Associates was formed in 2008 by Company director Maureen Taylor. The organisation is a social enterprise and provides free and discounted services for children, families and adults using any surplus from contracts gained with local authorities, NHS or businesses. The organisation has utilised systemic principles to organise working with children, young people, adults, families and professionals and believe that ‘all things are possible’ when change and transformation is required.

We have a range of counsellors and psychotherapists (including volunteers) who form part of our CCG (Community Consortium Group). We support training, supervision and the continued professional development of all practitioners who are verified as safe to work in all settings.

Services We offer

· Counselling / psychotherapy for children, adults, teams, couples, families

· Training on mental health and emotional wellbeing (including the bespoke design and creation of courses for organisations)

· Supervision of therapists and counsellors

· Coaching professionals and teams

· Automated business systems for counsellors & therapists (currently using Write Upp practice management systems)

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