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If you know somebody with a mental health condition. You are probably worried about them and want to help. The only trouble is you don’t know how or where to start. This blog will cover the some ways you can help a friend in need.

1. Don’t put pressure on the person to tell you anything sensitive as this could make them feel uncomfortable. They may also think instead of wanting to help them that you are just being nosy. Let them open themselves up at their own time and pace.

2. Try not to let your own assumptions get in the way by trying to second guess their feelings or guess what is wrong. They want a friend instead of a counsellor.

3. Always keep your questions open and inviting. For example, “Do you want to talk about whats bothering you?”

4. Try to encourage them to seek professional advice through their GP or ask them to seek a counsellor. Allow them to make it their own choice instead of being pushy as counselling is something that is best initiated by the person themselves.

These are ways you can help a friend in need of support. If you’re really concerned for a friend, there are many resources you can turn to. If they have more serious concerns please talk to a trusted professional about it.

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