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Resolving family conflicts

Every family goes through hard and difficult times that can cause stress and conflict between family members that enables arguments to form and things to be said that may not have wanted to be said. Several factors are causing family conflicts such as, financial circumstances, separation, different views or beliefs.

Communicating with your family in a positive way is a good place to start to help reduce the conflict so that family members can come up with a resolution calmly together. Once calm remember to fight the issue faced not the people involved as you should not blame the person for something that isn’t their fault as this won’t fix the problem but instead allowing it to get worse. (Very Well Mind, 2021)

Quick Reminder: ‘Family is not the most important thing, it’s everything’. Keep in mind that individuals are going to have to views and opinions but do not forget what those people mean to you when disagreeing.

Tips: Here are a few tips to help disperse family conflicts in a safe way:

1.Listening is key when in conflict as you should allow everyone involved to express their point of view.

2.Thinking before you speak is a way to manage your emotions without becoming angry and aggressive.

3.Be direct onto the specific problem so that other things are not relevant aren’t brought up.

4.Agreeing to disagree can end conflict even if you do have different views and opinion sometimes doing this is the best to not blow up the problem while respecting others.

5.Talk through practical solutions together

6.Confirm that everyone is clear on the solution when making the decision

7.Seek professional help and advice if needed.

Three ways to help with family conflicts can be to apologise to the person you have upset even if you feel you are not in the wrong, make simple changes for better results and accepting what you cannot control. During family conflict it is important to stay positive doing so will help you to focus on the positives of the possible results of the situation and this will be helpful for you to think differently while shifting your mind to happier thoughts.

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