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Updated: Apr 4, 2021

Our breath is the very source of life. When we struggle to breathe, we become fearful that life is slipping away; resulting in the reduction of the very oxygen we are trying to hold on to. When we can take a deep breath, we gain a sense of calm and energy that brings peace to our soul. Breathing is also part of our spoken communication. When we speak, we literally breathe the words out into the atmosphere to shape the relationships and world around us. Intentional and controlled breathing creates the life we want and gives the gift of life to others, through our words. Counselling and psychotherapy is one of the most conversationally intimate spaces we will enter into outside of our family and friends. Choosing someone to work with, to be transparent with and share your innermost thoughts and feelings is something, as professionals, we see as a priviledge and an honour. Our hope is that you learn to breathe deeply, exhale your worries and inhale your dreams in the consulting room. A living, breathing person is someone that still has life and the possibility for change in their grasp. Our task is to help you to realise and walk in the direction of your goals; to manage the current reality while you push through these painful moments of life. So Breathe. Breathe as though your life depends on it. The truth is, it actually does. Maureen Greaves – Consultant Systemic Psychotherapist

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