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You are not a Burden!

Parents of children with mental health difficulties

The parents of children with mental health difficulties must be aware that you are not alone when it comes to caring for your child and their individual needs and that it is always ok to not be ok. There here are ways that parents can express themselves through talking to someone they trust or professionals or people that are in similar situations.

The most important thing is that you know you are not a burden if you need support and that it is normal for humans to get help sometimes which is nothing to be embarrassed about.

Through having support and being comfortable with someone to get everything heavy off your chest can be a first step to feeling much better so that you can then identify the struggles with also thinking about the positives that occur between you and your child.

Quick Reminder: ‘’The one way we can value and honour the importance of parenting is also by taking the time to care for ourselves’’.

Being a parent trust your instincts when it comes to you and your child and if you ever become unsure or unaware of something communicate with someone because you are communicating about one thing that could help you to solve the problem bothering you.

Tips for parents:

-Socialise consistently with your family to express your feelings and opinions about what is best for your child’s development. This could be taking an hour out of a day once or two times a week to talk to a family member.

- Attending a parent support group

-Try your best to keep track of your child’s well-being so that you can keep any eye on if your child acts differently or when something may be affecting them.

-If you are a spiritual person attending a spiritual place like church, mosque, temple with your family or a place that you find calming and taking time out of the day to mediate and connect with yourself and God. This can be for 5 to 10 minutes it does not have to be long.

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