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Given the current climate of social distancing many business owners and self employed people have been positioned to review business strategies and transform their business in the short term. Personal development is an important part of any business transformation for CEOs and reading helpful books, blogs and articles can bring new strategies for us to implement.

I recently read the book 'The Twelve Week Year' by Brian P Moran & Michael Lennington, as part of a book club network I regularly attend. This book encourages us to discard our annualised thinking and to capture the sense of urgency, focus and time limitation that is a common feature before the christmas period. During the last three months of the year we tend to get the most accomplished and realise great revenues and productivity in our business before the year end. The book outlines startegies to capture this energy, planning and personal accountability by compressing our business goals into 12 weeks or 90 days.

The current restrictions of our movements and social distancing have therefore given us a unique and unexpected opportunity to re-position our businessess and realise the untapped potential of residual income and online services to support those with emotional health and wellbeing difficulties.

Utilising the book's strategies, we will be holding online accountability meetings and webinars to support and network with other professionals that wish to automate their services and increase their skills online. Maureen Greaves, lead consultant Psychotherapist, has extensive experience of business management and leadership coaching to support you with your transformational business goals.

If you want to redesign your services to be accessible to a larger number of global participants and build residual income, please join us online in 2021 or book a free 30 minute proffessional coaching consultation. Contact us for your free webinar link.

We look forward to collaborating with you.

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