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Many words have been written this week concerning the unprecedented times that we, humanity, find ourselves in. I am not going to add further insight regarding this pandemic, other than to comment on the potential impact upon our emotional wellbeing. The ground that we thought was solid has been shaken and suddenly we have an urge to connect with real people rather than having casual connections with our many social media ‘friends’. For some this change in familiar and perhaps comforting routines, worries about older relatives who we can no longer physically visit, or lost income because your employment has been temporarily closed, can lead to feelings of anxiousness and despair. These same feelings can be felt by those in roles on which the rest of us depend such as the NHS, Social Care, and those involved in the production or selling of food. It can all seem so overwhelming.

We can not control the world wide event around us, but we can focus on what we have and love that which is in front of us. As a life coach I love spending time with people, enabling them to draw from within themselves the solutions they require. These times call for us to develop new strategies for living and loving, being community to those around us and well as practising self care to ourselves.

I feel so strongly about this that I am offering coaching sessions (no cost) via Skype or Zoom to those who are interested. Please contact me via email : Take care.



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