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Social Media Is My Monster

With more and more social media apps being created and updated every year, it’s so easy to get lost in our screens. Rather than making you feel like you’re connected to the world, there are times social media can make you feel completely disconnected and alone.

When so much is posted online of ‘perfect’ private lives to be shared and liked, it can make many lives appear to be idyllic and not normal, everyday realism, followers can be made to feel inferior and unworthy. It is easy to forget that life is not like that, and social media is not the real world. Taking some time out and tucking your phone away is probably the best thing you can do to help recharge and reset your mind on the more important things in your life such as your family, and friends in the real world. Plan some time out to meet up for lunch with friends or a day out with your loved ones to ground yourself and remind you of all the love and support that you have in your hands.

Social media doesn’t have to be the thing that stops you from living your life.

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