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How to deal with forced change (5) emotional Energy

“Everything is energy: your thought begins it, your emotions amplifies it, and you actions increase it’s momentum”

Our emotions are a natural part of our mind as human beings yet they sometimes appear to ‘run away with us’ as though we have little control over them once momentum (positive or negative) is built. The energy of our emotion is derived from our thoughts and lead us to take associated action, creating habits in our daily lives. When there are unhelpful thought patters they lead to unhelpful feelings and associated unhelpful behaviours.

As a mental health specialist, I have seen many children, young people and adults struggling to control the unhelpful thought patterns derived from negative experiences, problematic relationships, developmental difficulties or lack of purpose linked with identity development and cultural influences. In supporting these individuals (or groups) I help them to focus on building more helpful patterns of interaction and supportive relationships (including a supportive relationship with themselves) to assist them to reframe negative energy into something more positive and hopeful. While this is sometimes a process that takes time and consistent effort, it is possible to retrain your mind to ‘think better thoughts’. Like building muscle and achieving fitness in a physical gym, counselling and psychotherapy help to build emotional resilience and mind muscle.

Our feelings can work in our favour or against us. When we have the intention (will) to try something new, move from focusing past negative experiences or start to build better relationships, this can truly help us to focus on things that are possible and achievable in the moment. Working through emotions rather than resisting them will also bring a sense of self acceptance and accomplishment in times of distress. Bereavement and loss of a loved one will trigger many conflicting and competing emotions of: denial, anger, frustration, depression, shock, pain, guilt, loneliness etc. These are a natural response to a tragic circumstance and accepting there will be a period (defined by the affected person/s) to mourn and grieve in whichever way they feel to expresses their emotions is necessary. Though this energy may feel negative it is a healthy process that many will go through and need support to tolerate the powerful impact of it as they do so.

Acting in ways that produce positive responses or surrounding yourself with the voices of positive people that can speak encouragement and hope into your life in times of distress will help to reverse any negative trend of emotional apathy. Try putting on your favourite reflective or energetic song or watch a movie that speaks to your emotions. It can help you to feel validated and accepted; knowing there are others that may share similar experiences that have transformed their life circumstances for the better. Remember to reward yourself for any effort you put into transforming your identity or circumstances by making a simple change in your daily life. This will help you to build greater positive momentum and gain a greater sense of control of your thoughts and actions, leading to more positive feelings and positive energy.

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