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How to effectively deal with forced changes – Empowerment

“…my grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness”

(2 Corinthians 12:19 KJV 1997)

When changes are unexpected and forced upon us, this can bring a sense of helplessness and disempowerment in our daily lives. Remembering that we have the power, authority and control to undertaken some (albeit small) decisions in our lives can impact our self esteem and confidence in positive ways. In such circumstances many will seek alternative solutions and look to others for wisdom and counsel, including our spiritual community.

For those of us with a faith in God, forced change is a signal to be reminded there is a greater reverential power, God, that guides us through each and every challenge we may have. Our divine spiritual GPS (God Positioning System - Taylor 2015) is always available to guide us irrespective of whether we feel confident or empowered; giving us living and moving maps as dreams and visions like life signposts. Remembering to lean on God’s wisdom, grace and power can bring us a renewed sense of confidence and assurance that we can use to navigate our current challenges and to dispel the notion that we are trapped.

Empowerment, whether it is physical, cultural, economic, spiritual or relational, lies outside of our comfort zone. Challenges are an invitation for us to move, take action and explore a territory that we have previously felt to be beyond our knowledge or capability. Empowerment is found in new environments, relationships and is discovered when we move from the position of fear to faith. It is accelerated when we courageously attempt to do something we have not previously undertaken, using the knowledge and expertise of those people that have already mastered that action.

Empowerment is voice activated. From the creation of the earth God spoke His intention and created us as ambassadors in the earth, with the authority and autonomy to serve others in our community. There is a temptation in the current climate to join in with the unsolicited ‘banter’ of negativity and declare the potential catastrophes that might occur. This is a negative “me too” movement that has a disempowering effect. Even if we have similar thoughts, feelings and sentiments it is imperative that we speak positive sentences and affirmations into our lives and to others. Emotional expression, however, is still a valuable resource and in later discussions I will share how to make our feelings (energy) work for us not against us. A regularly spoken positive outcome, whether through prayer, training, reading, counselling or other conversational spaces can change our thoughts, behavior and the corresponding outcome. These are scientifically proven and many professions are based on the model of consultation i.e. speaking. These include: counseling, psychotherapy, social work, training, sales etc. Nothing happens until somebody says something!

This time is an opportunity to speak and affirm the innate power we possess and to ensure we take supreme authority in what we can control i.e. our minds, our bodies and our spirits in challenging times.

It is my pleasure to continue to encourage you in this season and we have a number of professionals that offer free consultations and information to you and your loved ones via our community consortium group. Please visit the website


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