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How to effectively deal with forced changes (3) Action

Insights from the P.E.A.C.E (Purpose, Empowerment, Action, Care, emotional Energy) Academy

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”

(Albert Einstein)

Forced and unplanned changes can leave us feeling stuck in repeating patterns, as though there are no options for us to change our circumstances. However, when we trust in a connection and relationship with God we know that he will navigate us as our divine GPS (God positioning system – Taylor 2015). With any form of navigation system there is an implication that we are in movement, taking action and re-positioning ourselves from where we are to where we want to get to. Taking action to move in the direction of our goals, dreams and vision is what helps us to maintain a sense of peace and find new resolutions for our challenges. Remaining where we are, no matter how difficult a place it might be, is not an option.

The current situation may have us being more cautious in many respects in relation to action we might wish to take. However, we have a prime opportunity to re-position ourselves and take action for what is around the corner. With wisdom that is derived from hindsight (what has already happened); insight (what we know about ourselves and how we might act in a given situation; and foresight (the possibilities that lie ahead) we can evaluate a new strategy for how we want to live our lives and conduct our business. As an example, part of my own response to this current pandemic was to repurpose my company website to offer services online; relocate some of my business to working from home (remaining at work as a key worker in a young person’s mental health hospital); and to ensure I reach out to as many people as possible to encourage and bring hope to the hurting. The pandemic created a sense of urgency and the corresponding action to find a new strategy to accomplish what I am trained and passionate to do; consult and heal. Procrastination is no longer an option!

Taking action may need to be different than what we have already been used to doing such as re-budgeting, saving more, prioritizing our goals or letting some things end (including unhelpful or negative friendships). Our actions will determine a different outcome if we are consistent enough with our efforts that are built on wise counsel. Whilst fear may try to hold us back it is imperative that we “feel the fear and do it anyway” as advocated by Susan Jeffers (2006) in her book with the same name. Taking courageous action to step out and try something new will also help us to feel a sense of control and restores safety (amongst a great deal of uncertainty) as a foundation for building confidence and self-esteem.

Whether you are still in the mode of inaction or starting to consider the new opportunities that lie ahead for your family, business or relationships, there lies a critical opportunity to take action in a new direction. Success in any area of life lies outside the comfort zone and we will only find that new and more satisfying territory by moving outside of it. Take action to plan, pray, start the process, call someone, ask for help, learn something new; anything but remain where you are and expect a different result.

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