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Living Beyond Anxiety

“Where stress is a response to an event, anxiety is an emotional state that occurs when we cannot predict the outcome of a situation and we fear the unknown.” Raychelle Cassada Posted February 14th, 2015, on Psychology Today.

How do I cope with Anxiety?

1. Deep breathing is a way to relax your body when thoughts that trigger your anxiety and overwhelm you. Breathing in and out deeply place is a way you can also soothe your mind. As you get better at practicing this technique try picturing a soothing sea or a calming place.

2. Keep a dairy to note when you experience anxiety or have a panic attack. This can be helpful as you’ll be able to spot what triggers your anxiety so that you can get better at coping. Also try to make a note of what is going well or has gone well, so you’ll have something positive to look back on.

3. Physical activity is a great way to let out all your frustrations and worries of the world. It’ll also be able to make you more focused on being in the here and now. Without overthinking and losing track of your thoughts.

4. Mange your own worries by setting some time aside to think over them. It’s handy to also write them down so you don’t forget anything and can see all your thoughts on paper.

There are many techniques and coping mechanisms out there for anxiety. If one of these things don’t work for you that’s okay. Find something that dose and keep at it. It’s also a good idea to confide in somebody you trust with your own worries and fears. So, you have somebody to help you when something triggers your anxiety. Also check our webpage for different types of anxiety.

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