Introduction to our Gold CCG founding member: Parminder Soar

Hi. My name is Parminder; I am a counsellor and am passionate about working holistically with children, young people, and their families. I am a qualified Social worker, Counsellor and CAMHS professional. I hope to share more about my experience over the coming weeks.

I was struck by the quote below which evoked images of a flower unfolding in comparison to moulding a piece of clay: to me ‘unfolding’ hints of a softness, a gradualness, naturally occurring whereas ‘moulding’ suggests being in charge, forming and pliable until set.


are not things

to be moulded

but people

to be unfolded

-Jess Lair

These are my images but what does the quote evoke in you?

Here are 5 ways to help your child ‘unfold’

- do things with your child to teach them how and build their confidence

- let your child try and do things for themselves

- encourage your child to keep them feeling motivated

- focus on the efforts your child makes by giving positive feedback

- allow your child to feel difficult feelings by being compassionate

Giving unconditional love instils confidence in your child to ‘unfold’.

Check out my website for more details of my work with children & families:


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