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Finding peace....

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

When you feel overwhelmed

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P is for Purpose: are the activities you are undertaking in line with your priorities for the day, week, or life in general? If not, then stop doing them.

E is for Empowerment: when we feel confident and self-assured our tasks feel easier and we feel much lighter. Stick to the jobs you can do more confidently (in line with your priorities and integrity) and get help or pay someone to do the rest.

A is for Action: take appropriate action to change 1 thing for that day to help you to be more efficient. Work on something rather than thinking about it.

C is for Care: Caring for yourself as you are caring for others is just as important. Get enough sleep, take a day off, do something fun, stop and rest or socialise with loved ones. Self-care is essential to finding peace.

E is for Emotional energy: our feelings can work for us or against us. Be mindful of the thoughts we are having and replace negative with positive ones.

PRACTICE MAKES PEACE FULL….. Try these 7 strategies to help you find peace

1. Write your 6 most important things list in the evening

2. Track your mood and energy levels over a week

3. Get more sleep

4. Timetable your priorities and activities

5. Write & reflect about your PEACE full successes in your journal

6. Practice meditation

7. Replace negative thoughts with positive thought

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