BAME Young People & Identity

Developing positive identity & image

Black Asian Minority Ethnic young people are already at a disadvantage due to racism, structural inequalities, and discrimination in many forms. Understanding that the people and communities that make up BAME are cultural, religiously, economically, and socially different opportunities for BAME young people and children can only be created if the differences and triggers are being understood and addressed.

It is important that BAME young people have a right for their mental health to be treated if they need any support from professionals. There are organisations to help BAME young people who are suffering. Having a counsellor or psychotherapist that looks similar is often welcomed, alongside an understanding of the cultural differences that may exist.

A young person’s identity and image of themselves can be promoted positively by taking part in activities that can make them feel happy about who they are as a person and learning more about their cultural and religious backgrounds. The professionals working with young people should be culturally sensitive and be able to adapt to meet the needs of BAME individuals from specific communities and avoid making assumptions about someone because of your own opinions. (Children’s society, 2020). In addition, teaching them to embrace their natural beauty and making sure they know they don’t need to look a certain way to be beautiful or come from a specific place to be successful in their lives will go a long way to develop positive self esteem.

‘’ Think positive Be positive Act positive and you’ll enjoy every little thing as you never did before’’.

All young people must know that they are important deserve respect and are all capable of doing anything they have the passion and determination to do. Although the internet may display people that look like them in a negative light.

Tips for BAME young people:

There are influences that may affect BAME individuals negatively, spending time with trusted individuals and with your family, engaging in encouraging and positive activities together will help to build your resilience and happiness.

An effective way to reduce the stress is to develop a positive mindset through talking through the struggles you face, playing games with family to ease how you may be feeling, going to local community centres or public spaces with your family; particularly those where other BAME individuals like yourself gather to meet people that will understand you and the challenges.

All BAME young people can prepare for their futures by being aware of their own academic strengths and knowing the available opportunities provided for them do not sell yourself short. Do research and find out what is out there for you that can have a positive impact on you but always give yourself time to relax, read a book and spend time outside in fresh air.