Mustard Seed Associates Community Interest Company: 

Mustard Seed is a community Interest Company founded in 2008 by Consultant Systemic Psychotherapist & social worker Maureen Taylor. The company exists to serve families, individuals, and communities to improve their emotional health and wellbeing.

Mission (Purpose):

We offer holistic healthcare, looking after the spirit, soul and the body and support you to live life on purpose in all areas of health. Mustard Seed deal with the whole spectrum of mental health problems in people of all ages and in different settings; brokering support from a verified community consortium group (CCG) member.

Individuals / Families
individual famalies.jpg
Children, adults and communities that require counselling, psychotherapy, or wellbeing monitoring.
Therapists / Providers / Counsellors
Independent Counsellors & psychotherapists; providing brokerage and infrastructure to manage their private practice and sustain clients
Organisations wishing to commission counselling, psychotherapy & mentoring / early help services.